Celebrating Dads

In 2007 Brent and I welcomed our first child, Austin, to the world. There is no way to anticipate how much the love you have for your husband grows the instant he holds that sweet little baby and takes the new name, Daddy.

I love newborn sessions because it gives a simple, beautiful way to showcase that love for this precious new person, and the new people we become when we welcome a child into our lives. We become partners in a completely different way.

Dads have a such special part in their children’s lives. They provide that identity, strength, fun, support and courage that children seem to look only to dads for. I feel blessed that my kids have Brent as their dad, and love that I get to share my life with him. Every year as life changes, ¬†Father’s Day comes to mean something different each time.

This year our family went through a very challenging time and I came to see my husband, my daughter’s Daddy, provide strength, leadership and love in a way only pain can reveal. In September 2013, our 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was bitten in the face by a dog and required surgery to repair the damage. The tears, fear, struggle and questions flooded our minds as we watched our sweet, beautiful little girl face the biggest struggle of her life. My husband was at our little girl’s side, encouraging her, adoring her and praying for her complete healing.

She is doing fantastic and has a very special place in her heart for her amazingly strong Daddy.

I hope you get the chance to thank  your Dad and special Fathers in your life today. Celebrate those who are no longer with us by the way we live and treasure those special moments. Even the hardest ones.

Father's Day with Brent

Brent with Austin and Charlotte

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