Wine Not?

I really have a lot of fun photographing weddings. The day is so exciting, everything is new each time, it feels like Christmas morning. I cannot wait to open that big white garment bag and see what amazing dress the bride has chosen to wear down the isle. Lace? Satin? Bling? The color choices, flowers, decor, vows, music, first dance, are all little surprises during the day that help tell the story of the couple and keep my job exciting.

Even if we are photographing a wedding at a venue we have been to many times before, the bride and groom’s personality, friends, relationship, style and budget are all so different that each wedding we photograph is unique.

Most of the time when the reception starts, we are already good friend with the bride and groom. We have formed inside jokes, laughed, cried and spent hours together on the happiest day of their lives. We know their best friends, family and the craziness that happened earlier in the day. We are so excited for them, starting their life together, enjoying time with their families, celebrating their brand spanking new marriage…

and then we are offered something to drink. Of the alcoholic variety. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice glass of sweet moscato, or a crisp sparkly mojito, and really don’t mean to offend anyone, but I will not drink at work. In fact, until I was 32 I didn’t drink at all!

Photographing weddings is my job. I am there as a professional. As much as we want to celebrate, rejoice and party with our couples, we are at the reception for a very specific purpose. Of course, one small drink would not effect my performance behind the camera, but for anyone that did not know me, or watch me the entire night may get a poor impression. They have no idea how much I have had to drink, they only see that I am drinking on the job. Our actions speak so loudly. I would never want to put my business, reputation, livelihood or our clients trust in jeopardy just for a simple innocent drink.

So, thank you so much for offering. We are so thankful that you like spending time with us and would invite us to have a drink to celebrate your marriage.

We would love to.

Just make it a Pepsi.

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