Bored Yet?

It seems although I do my best to keep everything in our crazy social media world straight and updated, my blog is the first to go when things get busy.

I think I get bored of it. My clients know how great I think they are, you all know I love my job and feel blessed to be doing it, and I believe many times images speak for themselves. With people posting images right away on Facebook, it seemed to me that our blog was an out of date, annoying amount of work to put into a puff piece.

Soooo… I have decided to change that.

Now my blog will feature our clients and work, but tell you more about me. My style, family, funny stories, screw ups, humor, tips and techniques, gear, books I think are awesome, things that inspire me and anything else I decide to add along the way.

I hope you will join me for some more fun this year and get to know Kristy Photography a bit differently!



I Smile, You Smile

Kristy Behind the Camera

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