Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins

Before talking about Kim and Dan’s amazing wedding, I have to explain a little something. At almost every wedding, something goes wrong. Not big things, just something tiny… someone forgot something, someone runs a little late, hair is not quite right, it is nap time for the flower girls, the bustle falls out, it is a 100 degrees, it rains…. We are very used to improvising, moving things around and going with the flow. (And I happen to be MacGyver with a hair tie and a wedding dress:)The biggest thing that we notice is how the couple reacts to these little bumps in the road.

At Kim and Dan’s wedding they had quite a few little hiccups… the limo was late picking the girls up and got stuck in traffic, mom of the bride had a little car trouble, an honored guest fell and got a pretty good scrape, a HUGE storm rolled in just after the ceremony drenching them as they got into the limo, which then broke down on the side of the highway taking the bridal party to the reception! Believe it or not, I think there may have been a few other things as well.. Through all of it, Kim had a beautiful smile and her face, and Dan’s positive and carefree attitude never changed.

It takes a rare couple to always see the good in a situation and don’t let the little things bother them. (They also risked getting struck by lighting running around on a beach with us as the storm rolled in!)

 Kim and Dan, congratulations, we wish you the very best and thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us.

Kim & Dan

Abigael’s Senior Session

I have been so blessed this year to have amazing seniors to work with. We don’t advertise, so most of our seniors come to us because they know someone we have worked with, or have seen our work. This is so fun because they are excited about our art and feel like the know us a little already.

Abi is an amazing young woman who has been in the United States for only four years! She braved a mosquito infested park with me and her images turned out fantastic! (although we did end up editing out quite a few of the evil little bugs.)


Mr. & Mrs. Moreno


Jacob and Nicole were married on one of the most beautiful Saturdays of the summer. This couple started dating in high school and had such great chemistry together. Jacob has four brothers and the sheer size of his family (all built for football) made me smile as they stood up with their petite and beautiful mother.

After the ceremony, we took some portraits at Francis Park (the same place they were engaged!) and headed to the Moreno’s for a snack and to cool down! It was so hot, I contemplated jumping in the pool. Or the pond….

Anyway, tThe wedding was at St. Mary’s Cathedral, downtown Lansing and reception was at the Henry Center on MSU’s golf course. The course hosted an antique car show and we were lucky enough to get portraits with one of the cars! Believe it or not, but the hood ornament alone is worth over $1,000! The reception was beautiful and the crowd awesome. Congratulations Jacob and Nicole!!

Mr & Mrs McGill

Saturday we travelled to Kalamazoo to one of the most beautiful churches I have been blessed to photograph. The sanctuary was flooded with natural light and had an amazing floor to ceiling stained glass wall right behind the alter. It was stunning. As was the bride! We met Kasey at her sister’s wedding and were so excited to get the chance to work with her again. The day was so perfectly suited to Kasey’s style, bright, beautiful and a bit of bling! Congratulations, and have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

Mr & Mrs Allen

On one of the hottest Saturdays so far this year, I got to spend it in the Flint area with the amazing Staci and Lee. This wedding was so well planned and ran so smoothly, it really confirmed why I love my job so much! Staci chose beautiful navy blue dresses and put her flower girls and junior bridesmaids in coordinating colors, it looked super cute. Brent was photographing a wedding in Holt that afternoon, so I was excited to work with our assistant, Janelle. She did fantastic, and it was so fun to catch Brent up on all the details at the end of the night. Especially the gigantic bread table at the reception. Mmmmm.

Thank you Staci and Lee for including us in your day! Enjoy!